April is National Poetry Month. In this month's staff picks, you will find contemporary poetry to checkout from Auraria Library as well as resources to assist you as you explore writing poetry. Many of the titles here are newly published works of poetry. Reading living poets is an important part of developing as a writer. In this list, you will find narrative poetry, lyrical poetry, and experimental poetry. You will find poetry about the self and poetry of the world. You will find the subject of tears and memory. The range of subject matter and images of contemporary poetry is expansive which means you have the opportunity to join in and add to the conversation. In addition to contemporary poetry, several titles on the craft of poetry are included.

You will also find helpful online databases. Many of the library's databases contain literary or creative writing journals or magazines. These literary magazines (lit mags) are where many poets first find publication. Browsing and reading lit mags can be a great to fa;; in love with both early career and establish poets work. It can also give you an idea of where to submit your poetry for publication.

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