Library Director

Cinthya Ippoliti Auraria Library Director 303-315-7771

Administrative and Operational Services Division

Matthew Allard Building Operations Coordinator 303-315-0064
Ed Espinoza Procurement Assistant 303-315-7769
Alex Freedman Communications Coordinator 303-315-0329
Samantha Vang Finance and Administration Manager 303-315-7767
Vacant Administrative and Operational Services Assistant Director    
Kevin Lawless Employee Engagement Manager 303-315-7714

Information Technology and Web Services Department

Edelreich Deloslado Web Developer 303-315-0594
Cathalina Fontenelle Web Services Programmer 303-315-7783
Tyler Howarth Information Technology and Web Services Department Head 303-315-7758
Michael Schaming Web Services UI/UX Senior Developer
Kathy Shei IT Support Engineer 303-315-7753
Ryan Turch IT Manager 303-315-7755

Research, Learning, and User Services Division

Keith Teeter Research, Learning, and User Services Associate Director 303-315-7732

Access and User Services Department

Douglas Flint Ask Us Weekend Supervisor 303-315-7702
Supak Kerdpanthong Ask Us Night Supervisor 303-315-7747
Martin Martinez Public Services Specialist 303-315-7768
Charles Quinn Customer Experience Manager 303-315-0341
Mozhdeh Saffari-Parizi Reserves Specialist 303-315-7748
Rick Simons Video Specialist 303-315-7710
Michelle Spagna Access Services Manager 303-315-7712
Bailey Wallace Access and User Services Department Head 303-315-7722

Creative Technology Services Unit

Kiersten Merkel Creative Technology Services Manager 303-315-7780
Alon Morris Creative Technology Specialist 303-315-7773
Laurel Schwaebe Creative Technology Specialist 303-315-7765

Scholarly Research Services Department

Diane Fritz Geospatial Data Scientist 303-315-7707
Geoff Johnson Graduate Teaching and Learning Librarian 303-315-7723
Vacant Scholarly Research Services Department Head    

Teaching and Learning Department

Eric Baker Teaching and Learning Librarian 303-315-7746
Thomas Beck Teaching and Learning Librarian 303-315-7742
Mary K. Dodge Research and Instruction Specialist 303-315-7733
Lorrie Evans Interim Department Head 303-315-7744
Kodi Saylor First-Year Teaching and Learning Librarian 303-315-0720
Kaiya Schroeder Online Teaching and Learning Librarian 303-315-7752
Karen Sobel Online Teaching and Learning Librarian 303-315-7709
Vacant Online Learning Program Lead Librarian    
Vacant Teaching and Learning Librarian    
Vacant Teaching and Learning Department Head    

Collection Management and Discovery Division

Sommer Browning Collection Management and Discovery Associate Director 303-315-7728

Collection Development and Strategies Department

Emily Andrews Firm Order Acquisitions Specialist 303-315-7789
Katy DiVittorio Collection Development and Strategies Department Head 303-315-7701
Philip Gaddis Interlibrary Loan and Acquisitions Manager 303-315-7726
Lorelle Gianelli Serials and Stacks Manager 303-315-7751
Katherine Honda Stacks Maintenance Specialist 303-315-7749
Johannes Loetz Collections Assessment and Interlibrary Loan Specialist  303-315-7764
Alejandro Marquez Collection Development Librarian 303-315-0280
Kelly McCusker Collection Development Program Lead Librarian 303-315-7731
Mariana Prestigiacomo Collection Development Librarian 303-315-7750
Molly Rainard Subscription and Purchasing Manager 303-315-7737
Salahuddin McKloskey Collection Development Librarian 303-315-7781
Teresa McGinley Collection Development Librarian 303-315-7735

Discovery Systems and Metadata Department

Kelsey Brett Discovery Systems and Metadata Department Head 303-315-7770
Yelena Gordiyenko Metadata Management Librarian 303-315-7708
Susan Hom Cataloging Specialist 303-315-7736
Alla Kroychik E-Resources Access and Discovery Professional 303-315-7739
Vacant E-Resources Access Librarian    
Vacant Systems Librarian    

Special and Digital Collections Unit

Dot Donovan Special and Digital Collections Program Lead Librarian 303-315-7756