Welcome to Spring Semester! Just as flowers will very soon bloom, research papers and presentations will soon come due. Here are tips to make the experience of learning a topic as lovely as a fresh blossom.

While researching a topic, foundational information on that subject could be key in jump-starting your research. That might include getting a feel for methodologies and learning about notable related events, milestones, or individuals. You may also run into concepts or terminology you need defined while reading scholarly journals and books.

The solution? Find substantial subject overviews, accurate definitions, and analysis of noteworthy events using print and online encyclopedias, handbooks, and other reference materials. Use the Reference Sources Guide for search tips and ideas. Sample titles and collections are highlighted below.

What about Wikipedia? Use it! It’s a terrific place to get your bearings on a topic and for ideas on additional places to find information. However, since Wikipedia articles are routinely flagged for bias or omissions, confirm what you learn in an alternate resource.

The Monthly Featured Resources of December Contributors: Ellen Metter and Indiana Mezta.

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