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Researcher Support Services 04.02.2021

Featured Database - Building Green - information for sustainable construction and design

Featured Database: Building Green

You can use databases to easily find organized collections of articles, journals, news, streaming videos, primary sources, data, and more!

Here’s one of our favorites:

Explore Building Green

What’s in it?

The Building Green database is a collection of information for sustainable construction and design. It contains in-depth articles, news and subject guides about energy efficiency and other environmental topics for building professionals and the general public. Case studies dive into broad areas such as building reuse and social equity in design. There is even a product guide that can help you find specific environmentally sustainable materials from insulation to shower heads!

Why should you use it?

Building Green is a one-stop database for finding the knowledge base and materials for sustainable and healthy design and construction. For example, you can read a building science article that explains the reasons architectural lighting is important in the livability of spaces, and then, if you are actively building a space, you can find the right kind material for your skylights.

Who should use it? 

Architects, urban planners, building trades students and faculty, do-it-yourself remodelers or anyone interested in proposing more environmentally and socially responsible development in their communities.

Why use a database? 

When you use a specific database, rather than a search engine or discovery tool, you often can find more relevant sources. For example, subject databases include sources about that subject only, rather than a general search engine or discovery tool that includes information about everything. This way you don’t have to wade through thousands of irrelevant results!

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