The Auraria Library is proud to partner with the institutions of the Auraria Higher Education Campus to provide access and historical context to the displacement of the vibrant community that made up the town of Auraria during the early-to-mid 1900s.

In the late 1850s, the Colorado gold rush lured miners to the intersection of the Platte River and Cherry Creek. It was here the thriving community of Auraria was established and would, ultimately become one of Denver’s oldest and culturally-rich neighborhoods. In 1969, voters approved a bond referendum— despite contention and pushback from Aurarians— allowing the creation of the Auraria Higher Education Campus as part of the Denver Urban Renewal Program; however, an estimated 900 people, including 235 families and households were unfairly displaced in the process.

Through the Displaced Aurarian Scholarship and the ongoing efforts of our librarians to build collections representing the legacy of the people of Auraria, we hope to honor their stories and sacrifices.

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