Major Themes in My Research

My ongoing research focuses on three major themes:

  • LIS education, both for MLS students and for librarians
  • Librarians’ roles as teachers in the university community
  • Instruction practices for specific undergraduate and graduate populations

These themes appear in various combinations throughout my work. At present, I am finishing up a research project that touches on the first and second theme and also includes new territory. Along with my friend and colleague Pete Ramsey of Baylor University, I am exploring the work of academic librarians who teach semester-long courses in various departments across campus. Pete and I conducted a data-driven study that looks into the prevalence of such arrangements, academic qualifications, and many other related topics. He and I both teach credit-bearing courses. We aim to support colleagues who wish to do so at their institutions.

Guiding New Researchers and Writers

One mission that has evolved naturally is guiding new researchers through their first research projects or publications. Since 2011, I have often collaborated with new librarians on their first research projects, national-level presentations, articles, or book chapters.

I am deeply thankful to the colleagues at CU Denver and elsewhere who guided me through my first efforts at scholarship. Working with other new librarians is a way of sharing that gift. I also believe that all librarians have insights that are worth researching and sharing.